Recycle your used möebius® mattress

Steps to make the withdrawal at home

Contact us so we can start the withdrawal process.

phone: +34 941211296


contact form: go to /contact-us and indicate in the subject 'recycle your möebius® mattress'

     Bag and prepare your mattress. Prepare the mattress in a bag or several so that it does get dirtier or wet during handling and transport. You will receive a notice from us indicating the date of collection of your mattress.

     Deliver the used mattress to the carrier. On the date and time indicated, the carrier will pass by your address to make the collection. If you want to change your appointment, contact the transport agency so they can make the change.

     You will receive your bonus. You can receive a bonus for recycling your used möebius mattress that you can redeem with the purchase of another product.

What is the cost of withdrawal?

The costs of taking back and recycling used möebius® mattresses will vary in the coming years. But we will implement a fixed price for home delivery.

The prices for the Iberian Peninsula will be different from those of the Balearic Islands.

Do you Know...?

Producing a QUEEN möebius® mattress emits approx. 216 lb CO2 eq/FU into the atmosphere.

QUEEN mattress

By recycling all the components of the mattress we achieve a 40% reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases.

We recover 66 lb of raw material. The total weight of the mattress is approx. 66 lb.

We stopped emitting 86 lb CO2 eq/FU into the atmosphere.

What is achieved...?

- 0%
emission of greenhouse gases
polyester and steel recovered
lb CO2
not emitted into the atmosphere
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