What is the recycling process
and recovery of the mattress?

The Way

When the time comes, this sleep system will be completely recycled, without waste. By returning your mattress you are helping to recover its materials and protect the environment.

By using only steel and polyester and reversibly connecting the mattress components, we ensure that each möebius® mattresses can be converted into a new mattress, over and over again.

1. You receive your new möebius

You receive your brand-new mattress in a few days.

Whether you are a new buyer or a mobile customer, we will answer any questions you may have regarding the product and its care.

2. You enjoy it for many years

You have a new möebius® or you renewed your möebius® mattress. Sleeping on a 100% breathable, hygienic and hypoallergenic mattress will guarantee a good night’s sleep. A joy to enjoy alone or with someone. And always, with a clear conscience for having chosen something unique for your body and the environment.

3. You return your used möebius®

Years later, due to its use, the time will come when you decide to renew it.

Once you decide to change your used möebius® mattress, all you have to do is check the Niaga® tag on the side of your möebius®. You will find all return information there. Your mattress will be returned to us so that we can start separating the materials.

If you prefer to contact us directly to proceed with the removal and recycling of your used möebius® mattress, click here:

4. We dismantle

The möebius mattress is made entirely of layers of polyester and steel springs, which are easy to separate because they are connected with the Niaga® click-unclick adhesive.

When we receive your used möebius® mattress, we will remove the cover, disassemble the different components and classify them.

We turn them into huge blocks of pressed material, which are sent to our partner material processors.

5. We fully recycle it

All polyester layers and steel springs will be sent to raw material processors, to be 100% recovered. All polyester layers and steel springs will be sent to our partner raw material processors.

In their recycling infrastructure (currently used, for example, to recycle PET bottles), they will be converted into raw material pellets and, later, into new polyester yarn and wire, so that our suppliers can rebuild the components that are needed to make a möebius® mattress, all over again.

It goes like this: 'matter is neither created nor destroyed, it simply transforms'.

In this way, we contribute to generating zero waste of materials, which would usually end up as waste in landfills or as fuel in incinerators.

6. We rebuilt it

All this material converted into polyester pellets and steel shavings can be used to make new mattress layers and components. In the end, all the materials from your old möebius® mattress end up as part of a new one. For example, a part will be turned into new 100% polyester yarn to weave new fabrics.

This is how we close the loop, creating a zero waste process where all the materials from your old möebius® mattress end up as part of a new one.

This is how we close the loop and eliminate waste altogether.

Do you know Niaga® tag?

The Niaga® tag is your proof that your mattress was designed to use again.

By scanning the tag, you will see what materials are inside and how you can return it after use to keep materials in the loop.

Your contribution to a sustainable future was never this easy. All you have to do is return your mattress and we will guarantee that it will have a second or third life..., if you dare to imagine.

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