You sleep...
And your conscience?

Sleep better
with a clear conscience

Meet our mattress, möebius 

It is made of polyester and steel only. Both are 100% recyclable materials. Thanks to the Niaga® click-unclick adhesive, made of polyester, we can easily disassemble it and reprocess all of its materials, achieving zero waste.

Used mattresses will be processed to obtain new raw materials to re-manufacture new ones. We are proud of our collaboration with Niaga® and of the important step that we are taking to benefit the environment, the sector and our company.


Every year in Europe, more than 37 million mattresses are destroyed or dumped underground in landfills. Another 20 million mattresses are wasted annually in the US.

We have been pioneers for decades, serching for new forms of sleep and leading the race for sustainability.

At Spaldin® we want to continue innovating and for more than a decade we have known that, by committing to sustainability, we not only help you rest better, but we do it with a clear conscience.

There’s an urgent need to participate in this global change and in the way we consume resources.

"Being circular, without compromising
the quality and performance of the product,
is now possible thanks to this innovation"

A super mattress

By using exclusively three-dimensional layers of polyester and steel springs, bagged in polyester, we have achieved a mattress that will be 100% recycled in a transparent way:

a) It is the best mattress in terms of heat and moisture removal.

b) It achieves a perfect alignment of the spine by sinking deeper into the mattress, while at the same time allowing you to easily change position while you sleep, without interfering with your sleep.

c) It is fire retardant, in itself, without the need for the use of chemicals or other barriers.

d) It is hypoallergenic and much more hygienic. To which we add its breathable, removable and washable cover.

Niaga® tag

The Niaga® tag is your proof that your mattress was designed to use again.

By scanning the tag, you will see what materials are inside and how you can return it after its final use. Keeping the materials in the loop cycle after use.

Your contribution to a sustainable future was never this easy. All you have to do is return your mattress and we will guarantee that it will have a second or third life..., if you dare to imagine.

How to recycle your mattress?

Our möebius® mattress is our best way to take care of our conscience, our company and the planet.

Being sustainable without compromising the quality of the product or the sleep of our clients is now possible.

We know the real value of the materials that the planet offers us and we must take advantage of this and stop destroying them and start recovering them.

Circular design with just infinite materials inside

"möebius®  is our best way
to take care of our conscience,
our company and the planet.

It is not just a circular mattress,
it is a superior performance
mattress that is also circular

"möebius® mattress helps us make optimal use of the finite resources that the planet offers".

Do you Know?

Producing a QUEEN möebius® mattress emits approx. 216 lb CO2 eq/FU into the atmosphere.

QUEEN mattress

By recycling all the components of the mattress we achieve a 40% reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases.

We recover 66 lb of raw material. The total weight of the mattress is approx. 66 lb.

We stopped emitting 86 lb CO2 eq/FU into the atmosphere.

What is achieved?

- 0%
emission of greenhouse gases
polyester and steel recovered
lb CO2
not emitted into the atmosphere

What our customers say about möebius®

About us

Spaldin®, an international pioneer in the use of sustainable and fully certified materials, takes another step on the path towards sustainability with möebius®.

We joined forces with Niaga® to develop an alternative mattress, which is fully circular and is made of steel and polyester only. By reversibly connecting the different components, we ensure that each möebius® mattress can become a new mattress.

Using only these infinite materials, möebius® mattresses can become a new mattress at the end of their useful life.

This is how we contribute to eliminating waste.

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