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Waste, a challenge

Mattresses are a major contributor to landfill waste globally. The vast majority is burned or simply dumped in underground landfills. Many of today's mattresses are made primarily of foam and glued layers of different materials, making mattress recycling quite a challenge.

Valuable materials

We’re eager to contribute to solving the problem of waste in the world. We know how scarce materials are. We have to stop destroying them and start safeguarding them. Where others see waste, we see valuable materials.

New era, new mattress

We have developed an alternative mattress manufacturing process that uses modular design and steel and polyester only. By using just those infinite materials, and by reversibly connecting the mattress components, we ensure that möebius® mattress can be transformed back into a new mattress at the end of their useful life.

Check your Niaga® tag

Products with a Niaga® tag are designed to use again. By scanning the tag, you will gain access to your mattress’s unique product passport that tells you exactly what materials are inside and how to return it after use.

The Niaga® tag ensures your contribution to the planet’s wellbeing. All you have to do is scan the tag on the side of your möebius® to see how to return your mattress. Hence, you will sleep with a clear conscience.

Niaga®, better together

We’re excited to be working together with Niaga®. Designing out waste altogether requires new perspectives and courage, too. Niaga®’s material science and redesign expertise complement our industry-specific know-how beautifully. We cannot do it alone and are happy to be finding ways together to keep valuable materials in the loop.

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